We, at The 9 Phoenix Tales turn on our creative minds, mostly between 8 pm to 12 am everyday because of our respective day careers.

We share a love for the cute, colourful and curious, which has become the main inspiration for our creations. Our goal is to supply, happy little pieces of art to everyone in the hope of brightening someone‚Äôs day!

We believe in starting small and putting in hard work to achieve a bigger dream.  We know the journey may be long but we are grateful to be in our tiny space nurturing our tiny ideas and bringing them to life! We try to give each and every item of ours, a character of its own. We create each item on the shelf with great love and we hope you like them too!

Although we are pretty shy, we enjoy interacting with people and hearing your stories which always inspires us to come up with new ideas. So drop us a message anytime at the9phoenixtales@gmail.com to say hello!

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